DeLoach Engineering Science was formed in February 2013 to serve clients in the public and private sectors, including, water management districts, local government agencies, water supply utilities, stormwater utilities, private industry, and agriculture.  We also collaborate with larger engineering firms who seek complementary, specialized services which we can provide.




As a well-conceived and effectively managed small business, with an excellent staff reputation, familiar client base and superior technical capabilities, DeLoach Engineering Science is positioned for success and sustained growth in the Florida water resources market.


Our senior staff members have a long history of successful service to our clients, a thorough understanding of current and evolving client needs, and great familiarity with important issues and emerging trends in the industry.  In important skill areas, our technical capabilities are head and shoulders above our competitors.

Our clear focus on current water resources issues, combined with a quarter century of experience and dedication to our craft, provides us with a distinct advantage over other local, national and international consulting firms that offer similar services.  And, as a smaller and more nimble firm, DeLoach Engineering Science strives to be responsive to client and project needs to a degree that cannot be matched by many larger firms.

It is our mission:


(1) to provide high quality engineering consulting and technical services in the water resources field,


(2) to build long-term relations with our clients through delivery of excellent service in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and


(3) to establish our firm as a leading provider of engineering and technical services throughout Florida.

Success will result from several factors, starting with our bringing advanced technical skills to bear on a range of scientific and engineering disciplines, and including our commitment to open, honest communication about project performance with our clients.  DeLoach Engineering Science will become a leading provider of scientific analysis, engineering, permitting, design and construction support services associated with stormwater and watershed management, environmental assessment, ecosystem restoration, water resource sustainability, and water use and supply projects.

Our Team

Mr. DeLoach has 26 years of experience in hydrology, hydrogeology, hydraulics, watershed management, water supply, water quality, mathematical modeling, data analysis, the application of Geographic Information Systems to water resource management, and stormwater management plan development.


Mr. DeLoach is responsible for technical content, project direction/management, and client satisfaction for water resources projects within the company. He oversees both surface water and groundwater projects related to watershed planning, flood mitigation, floodplain management, stormwater management, water supply, sustainability, environmental enhancement, permitting and water quantity and quality monitoring programs.

Mr. Hardin has 21 years of consulting experience in a variety of fields, including development of Watershed Master Plans, surface water modeling for complex water resources projects (Acceler8/CERP), BMP design and permitting for municipal projects, peer review of surface water models, and private sector land development (industrial, commercial, single-family, and multi-family).  Mr Hardin has also served as Consulting City Engineer for multiple clients, including site plan reviews, public meetings, city code and standards development, project management of public works projects, and program manager of various public sector programs.


Mr. Hardin is responsible for project management and performance on a wide range of stormwater and watershed management projects using software such as CHAN, ICPR, PONDS and HELP.

Ms. Baldassari has 7 years of experience working on projects ranging from hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling and dam break analyses to stormwater master plans and large scale watershed management programs throughout Florida.


Ms. Baldassari specializes in hydraulics, hydrology, mathematical modeling, data analysis, and the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to water resource management.  She is responsible for managing and executing a variety of tasks, including: hydrologic and hydraulic model development, floodplain mapping, flood problem area identification, and GIS development and presentation.

Christopher Gilhooley

Mr. Gilhooley has 7 years of experience in Geographic Information Systems analysis and production with a strong focus on water resources and stormwater management engineering support.


Mr. Gilhooley has performed a variety of tasks on water resources and stormwater management engineering projects, such as: generating terrains from multiple data types including LIDAR and survey, creating stormwater drainage networks for hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, analyzing and generating land use data, floodplain mapping, raster manipulation and analysis, creating stormwater infrastructure GIS inventories, writing Python scripts to automate GIS tasks and perform data manipulation, and providing general GIS mapping support for presentations and reports.  He has also participated in public meetings and outreach to answer citizens’ questions regarding floodplain mapping.