SWERP Applications for Magnolia Valley

Stormwater Management System Improvements

DES prepared Statewide Environmental Resource Permit (SWERP) applications for Pasco County:


  • for conceptual approval of design concepts for a plan to construct, alter, operate, and maintain a future surface water management system serving the Magnolia Valley area, and


  • for operation of the existing stormwater management system at the Magnolia Valley Golf Course including existing pumps.


The two applications were filed concurrently with the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

The application to operate the existing stormwater management system and pumping facility relates to Pasco County’s intention to acquire golf course properties and gain operational control over the existing system, which will comprise a Phase I implementation of the project within the limits of the Conceptual ERP.


Along with transfer of ownership of the pump facility and golf course properties from the current private owner/operator to Pasco County, the timely issuance of the Approved Construction SWERP for Phase I Implementation allowed Pasco County to operate the pumps and maintain existing conditions and, thereby, consistently provide existing flood protection level of service to properties located both upstream and downstream of Rowan Road.