Southwest Florida Water Management District

Watershed Management Program Working Group

Dave DeLoach and Trillian Baldassari participate in regular meetings of the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Watershed Management Program (WMP) working group, comprised of District staff, local government agency staff, and consulting engineers under contract to the District to provide service under the WMP program. Our staff have successfully completed a variety of watershed-scale WMP projects, covering 1500 square miles in several Florida counties and ranging in size from 2.5 to 425 square miles, including:


Tooke Lake, Big Slough, Bear Creek, Pithlachascotee River, Upper Peace River, Carter Creek, New River, Upper Hillsborough River, City of Bartow, Charlotte Harbor CRA, Lake Jackson/Josephine Creek, Pithlachascotee/Anclote Conservation Effort, and Port Richey.


DES is currently providing engineering services to the District  under a continuing WMP contract.

About the Watershed

Management Program


The District takes a watershed approach to managing water and water-related resources within its boundaries. By doing so, all the characteristics of each watershed can be evaluated to reflect the real, interconnected nature of Florida's water resources. This increases the District's ability to clearly identify, prioritize and address issues related to the area's water resources. The Watershed Management Program provides a method to evaluate the capacity of a watershed to protect, enhance and restore water quality and natural systems while achieving flood protections.


This program provides five major elements:


  1. Topographic Information
  2. Watershed evaluation
  3. A watershed management plan
  4. Implementation of best management practices
  5. Maintenance of watershed parameters and models.