DES Selected by SWFWMD

General Engineering & Professional Services

The Southwest Florida Water Management District solicited responses from the professional engineering community to provide general engineering and professional services in its 16 county service area. The professional services were broken into discrete areas or "Chapters" of work anticipated. DeLoach Engineering Science (DES) was among the firms selected by the District to provide service under Chapter H "Watershed Management Program: Watershed Evaluation, Modeling and Planning" and has entered into a multi-year agreement under which individual Task Work Authorizations (TWA) will be issued.


Chapter H is to perform elements of the District's Watershed Management Program (WMP) for selected watersheds. The WMP includes five major elements: Digital Topographic Information; Watershed Evaluation; Watershed Management Plan; Implementation of Best Management Practices; and Maintenance of Watershed Parameters and Models. The WMP provides a methodology to evaluate the capacity of a watershed to protect, enhance, and restore water quality and natural systems while achieving flood protection. The program measures the effectiveness of recommended strategies and goals to reach a desired watershed condition through assisted decision making using data analysis, modeling, and evaluation.