PACE Anclote West Watershed

Watershed Evaluation

The PACE study area is comprised of three watersheds: Pithlachascotee River, Anclote East of Suncoast, and Anclote West.  DES was issued a task work authorization to perform watershed evaluation elements of the Watershed Management Program for the Anclote West watershed.


The goal of PACE is to develop Best Management Practices (BMPs) to address flooding and conserve water resources.  More specifically, PACE is a multi-objective watershed management project, which will:


  • develop accurate modeling and floodplain mapping tools
  • define flood risk across a large, flood prone portion of Pasco County
  • develop BMPs to mitigate flood risk on a regional scale
  • assess feasibility of diverting excess stream flow from the Pithlachascotee and Anclote Rivers onto SWFWMD property in Serenova, Starkey Ranch, Anclote River Ranch, and Crockett Lake Ranch, for conservation of the water resource
  • provide baseline information, modeling and mapping tools with which to evaluate impacts of future development in the rapidly growing region.

SWFWMD TWA No. 14TW-42 was issued to DES to perform Watershed Management Plan - Watershed Evaluation tasks in the Anclote West Watershed.


Watershed Evaluation tasks include:


  • Assembly and Evaluation of Watershed Data
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Feature Database
  • Preliminary Model Features
  • Peer Review of Watershed Evaluation
  • Final Approved Watershed Evaluation Deliverables
  • Project Management


Once the Anclote West watershed model is assembled, it will be joined with the Pithlachascotee and Anclote East models to provide a single model domain covering the entire PACE study area. This combined PACE model will then be used to determine and map flood risk and to evaluate various BMP alternatives, including those for flood mitigation and diversion of excess flows from the rivers onto District land for water conservation.