Magnolia Valley Stormwater

Supplemental BMP Evaluation of Regional Storage

Magnolia Valley is located in Pasco County, Florida, within a 960-acre sub-watershed extending from Little Road to Rowan Road.  Numerous small lakes are scattered throughout the area and receive runoff from local stormwater collection systems serving the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Past flooding in the area results from storage and conveyance deficiencies, and local streets are inundated with some frequency. Historically, under more severe storm conditions, area lakes have exceeded their banks and residential structures have been flooded.


DES previously developed a set of conceptual Best Management Practices (BMPs) designed to reduce the frequency, depth, and duration of flooding in historically flood prone portions of the Magnolia Valley community. Under this task order assignment, supplemental evaluations will be performed for BMPs coupled with a regional detention storage facility which could be created through excavation of the Magnolia Valley Golf Course site.

While the Existing Condition defines current flood risk and LOS, the previously developed BMP with Pumping condition establishes the actual baseline for project performance with the Excavated Storage scenario. In other words, the goal of the excavation scenario is to minimize (or eliminate) pumping while not degrading LOS performance that was achieved with BMPs developed during the prior Stormwater BMP Evaluation.


Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling will be performed to demonstrate that creation of a regional stormwater detention facility on the site will remove or significantly reduce reliance on pumping at Rowan Road during storm events while still realizing the flood mitigation benefits of the Magnolia Valley BMPs.