Our firm's foundation is in the scientific fields of hydrology, hydrogeology and water-related aspects of ecology. We provide professional civil and environmental engineering services including: evaluation, planning, design, permitting and construction oversight. We also offer services in associated technical areas, such as: monitoring, stormwater inventory & asset management, and GIS.


Stormwater Management

As stormwater management has evolved into a more complex science, DeLoach Engineering Science has developed data collection, modeling, analysis, planning and monitoring services, as well as, permitting services, to assist stormwater managers in their efforts to design, construct and operate stormwater facilities. Some typical stormwater management services that we provide include:


• Stormwater Modeling and Analysis

• Stormwater Management Master Planning

• Pollutant Loading Analysis

• Best Management Practices (BMP) Evaluations

• Erosion Control Planning and Design

• Retention and Detention Pond Design

• Seepage Evaluations for Pond Systems

• Flow, Stage and Water Quality Monitoring

• Local, State and Federal Stormwater Permitting

• NPDES Monitoring and Reporting

• Construction Specifications and Inspection

Watershed Management

Many federal, state and local agencies have adopted a watershed-based approach to water resource management. In response, DeLoach Engineering Science has developed a range of services to assist our public and private sector clients to achieve their various goals (flood control, environmental restoration, water supply, water quality, permitting, etc.) while meeting the challenge of protecting our valuable water resources. Some typical watershed management services that we provide include:


• Watershed Modeling and Analysis

• Multi-objective Watershed Planning

• Watershed-specific Management Criteria

• Statistical Analysis of Historical Data

• Water Quality Assessments

• Pollutant Load Reduction and Pollution Prevention

• Lake and Wetland Hydroperiod Evaluations

• Low-flow and Intermittent Stream Determinations

• Floodplain Studies and Flood Damage Assessments

• Flood Forecasting and Evacuation Plans

• Flood Mitigation Plans

• Dam Break Evaluation and Contingency Plans

• Reservoir Siting and Safe Yield Evaluations